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We help companies to be more profitable and productive by better using what they already have.

The key lies in your current managers.  CanBeeDone specialises in helping those managers unlock the capacity in themselves and the rest of the workforce. 

You are already paying out the salaries, now make it work for you!

Our uniqueness lies in our ability to marry human needs with business needs.  This is the best way to create productive, effective businesses with happy, engaged, fulfilled people working in them!  Or to use the jargon, to create a “high performance culture”

Working within the structure of the Leader Management Framework we give value to all aspects of leadership & management.

  • We don’t argue about whether we need leaders or managers.  We develop leader-managers!
  • We don’t argue about soft skills versus hard skills.  We know it takes both!
  • We bring real world help, not conceptual theory.
Can Bee Done Leadership training
The Leader Management Framework

It is often stated, “people are your most expensive asset!”  If that is the case in your company, let us help you use that expensive asset to make a much greater profit.

CanBeeDone grows people and grows businesses.

We would love to discuss your needs and tailor a solution for you. 


Professional Development

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It’s a generational thing

It’s a generational thing

Have you noticed that your attitudes and values are different from that of your parents or grandparents? Perhaps they keep the old wrapping paper to reuse, saying “waste not, want not” and get upset when you change jobs after “only” five years.If you have children in...

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Wow that meeting was worthwhile!

Wow that meeting was worthwhile!

You've probably noticed a lot of articles recently on ‘psychological safety’. It’s an in-topic, however it isn’t new. Experienced facilitators have long known what it takes for people to voice their opinions, explore their concerns and doubts, be open to the different...

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The most destructive emotion?

The most destructive emotion?

Yesterday I was writing a response to a friend who had just offloaded how she was feeling annoyed with herself for having offered to do something that felt like too big an ask. As I wrote, “I think that the balance between giving and receiving is a key. And it’s not...

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Hope: from battle lines drawn, to talking together

Hope: from battle lines drawn, to talking together

At 7.30 am my phone rang. It was Selwyn, one of the retired people in the village of Vaal Marina near where I live at the Vaal Dam. “You said you’d help. I need your help now. The Mamello guys have agreed to come to the community hall. I’m waiting to hear if the VM...

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A very scary experience – part 2

A very scary experience – part 2

(see part 1 here) I walked through the house taking quick photos with my phone as I took in the mess and realised the power of what had passed through. Part of my brain couldn’t take it in and the other was making sure I had a record for insurance. There was glass...

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