Sell Like a Doctor

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The best sales line in the world is this:

“Please confirm that I understand your business correctly…” [Depending on the type of business you are in, you can change the word “business” to something more pertinent like: requirements, situation, problem, etc.]

These are not my own words. They come from an e-mail written by Scott Cundill ( I thought he was so on the money that I asked his permission to share this with acknowledgement.

I often find myself saying to clients “This is how I understand what you have told me. Please stop me if I am getting it wrong …”.

I am an optometrist by training so I know how to take a case history, diagnose and prescribe. I even believe that sales is about meeting a need. However I am not sure that I have really been following the method so I was greatful for Scott’s reminder. I hope it helps some of you.

Scott continues
Never, ever begin a sale by blindly listing all the services you offer and then hoping like hell that the client just happens to want one of them. Does a doctor sit back and tell you all the treatments he can offer before he knows what’s wrong with you? Of course not!

Think like a doctor!

Diagnose the situation by consulting with the patient, not selling to them. Get them talking about their business or issue – that’s what they are passionate about!

• Don’t start with an introduction about who you are and where you come from
• Don’t use PowerPoint unless you absolutely have to (and only at the end)
• Don’t demo a product until you know what problem it will fix!
• Listen, listen, listen… don’t talk, talk, talk! (and coming from me, that’s a BIG statement!)

Next time you meet with a prospect, try using this killer line. I guarantee you’ll see a wonderful change!


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