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Part way through the World Cup it became evident that we were going to pull it off, despite the prior doubts we had had. We found we could do more than we thought we were capable of. I thought how similar that is to our personal lives. So often we don’t think we can manage something big or new but if we take the plunge, commit ourselves and get on with it, we are surprised at how well we do. (Apparently “waka waka” means “just do it” in Fang.)

There are many other parallels between observing South Africa host the SWC, and our own lives.

For six years detractors argued that a World Cup hosted here would be a disaster but FIFA and the LOC ignored them. When we follow our dreams there are always those that try to stop us – some are envious, some are trying to protect us – we need to believe in ourselves and make our dream happen regardless.

The World Cup took many years of preparation. We need to be patient and tackle our goals one step at a time whilst keeping an eye on where we want to end up. Eventually we will get there.

Many groups of people were involved in pulling off the World Cup. The LOC were only the coordinators. We can get further if we collaborate with others, let their strengths help us whilst we in turn help them.

Most of the things we worried about ahead of the World Cup – crime, lack of public transport, shortage of accommodation – weren’t a problem. In our lives we waste a lot of energy worrying about things but 96% of them never materialise or we can’t do anything about them anyway!

And then just when you think everything is running smoothly a curved ball hits you like the fiasco at King Shaka airport. And if it does just handle it, keep communicating, be prepared to sincerely say sorry and learn from the lesson. Looking back later it will just be a wobble in your path.

And how about reminding ourselves to stand strong against others who want to direct our lives according to their agenda. It’s a pity the government and the LOC didn’t stand up to FIFA. A pity they changed our laws to allow excessive “protection” for the official sponsors. A pity they let a non African record the official cup anthem. Wouldn’t a recording by Freshly Ground on their own, or maybe Jonny Clegg, have been so much more true to the first African World Cup?

But then even FIFA can’t control everything and Waving Flags became the song which I and many others will always associate with this 2010 World Cup. Some things in our lives “just are” and we help ourselves the most when we accept that and direct our energy into areas where we do have real control or influence.

Here is a lovely collection of slides with music, that bring back the wonderful vibe and emotions of the 2010 World Cup – African style. May they inspire you to go after the life you want, no matter what anyone says – ride out the hitches, stay focussed on the goal, accept what is beyond your control and take control of what is. Be the director of Your Life 2010.

Click here to download – takes a few minutes with acknowledgement to Chad


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