What about the unexpected

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This morning our electricity went off unexpectedly. Whilst it was off I was quite enjoying finding things that I was keen to do, that didn’t require power. After a couple of hours my “little voice” started interrupting me with thoughts like “How long will it be off?”, “Your cell phone battery is going to go flat.”, “I hope this isn’t one of those big problems that takes days to fix.” Each time such a thought interrupted I reminded myself there was no point in worrying as it could come back on at any time. 

And then it did. No warning, just the sounds of printers coming to life again.

Power interruptions are much like our lives. We don’t know when something big and disruptive is going to happen to rock our lives (personal or business). However when it does, as tough as it may be, we do cope: we rearrange our plans; we take on whatever has happened and we work with it. So what’s the point in worrying that something may happen? 
And just as we don’t know when “not great” things may come out of the blue we also don’t know when wonderful, exciting, “great” things will appear without warning 🙂 
Let it be easy!


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