Horses for courses

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“Horses for courses” is an age old expression I grew up with. If you aren’t familiar with the expression, it refers to horse racing where the length and condition of a race course isn’t the same at every venue. Some horses will do better over certain distances and running in certain conditions. A smart trainer will enter the horses in their care into the races that suit them.

I think we have forgotten much of the truth in this expression.

Whether one looks on the bookshelves, reads articles, or attends seminars there are many people available to teach us the best way to do something: overcome procrastination, achieve goals, find solutions, lose weight, motivate your staff, turn a profit and so on.

As soon as a new book hits the shelves whichever approach is being described becomes the flavour of the month or year and the author becomes the latest guru. This ignores the sage advice of “horses for courses”.

We humans, like horses, respond differently to different situations. Some of us can jump right in and others need clarity before our focus talents kick in. Some of us can sort our thoughts by thinking and some by writing or drawing. Some of us get energy from carbohydrates and others just put on weight. Some of us have the talent of achiever and are driven by being able to tick things off. Others are driven by the satisfaction of helping someone. So one tool, one diet, one strategy doesn’t give the same brilliant results for everyone.

If the latest “must do”, “best new way” doesn’t work for you it doesn’t mean it is wrong and it doesn’t mean you are wrong.

  • There are many ways to get great results, keep experimenting to find the one that works for you; that best matches your strengths, personality and thinking style.
  • Maybe you were already doing great and there is no need to change from your “old” way?
  • And remember to allow each person in your work or home space the opportunity to do things in the style that best suits them so they can also enjoy fabulous results.


Find your own course and encourage others to find theirs.


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