Dancers show us the power of the human spirit

Here is a video we all need to watch.

It is beautiful if you are a fan of ballet. It is even more beautiful if you want to see what the human spirit can overcome.


Isn’t that amazing?

As humans we all have so much resilience, so much creativity, so much strength within ourselves.

What these two people have done – creatively using their talents regardless of limitations – was no doubt not easy. They may have had many down days, many questions such as “why me?” “what if things had been different?”. They are human just like you and me.

What is perhaps different is that they have found a way to move beyond the frustrations, anger and doubts, to draw on the inner strength we all have and produce something beautiful regardless.

I called my company CanBeeDone to help me to remember to keep looking for ways to make things happen. I hope these two beautiful dancers will help you find ways in your life that it can be done.

PS if anyone knows more about who they are please let me know.



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